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Suffolk Chimney Repairs and Chimney Cleanings

Since chimneys are so exposed to the elements, they’re often the first part of a building to show signs of deterioration.

Properly maintaining a chimney is important. A hairline crack (often not visible from the ground) in the brick, mortar or cap of a chimney can cause damage to the chimney. If left unattended, water penetration through these cracks can cause bricks to spall leading to having to replace them.

MASTER REMODELERS will perform chimney rebuilding or chimney repair in prompt and professional manner. We will advise the owner about condition of the chimney and can install chimney liner if necessary.

Most chimney venting complaints are the result of poor draft, excessive water vapor and corrosion inside the flue resulting in blocked flues.

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Build up in a chimney will create heat beyond the standards of the chimney flue. Cleaning the chimney with a hard brush will remove the build up of debris and keep your chimney safe and healthy.

As a local Chimney contractor with 15 years of experience, we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing the highest standard of Service.


Masonry chimneys are built to last — all are made out of a combination of brick, mortar, concrete, stone, cast iron and other strong materials that add up to a functional, beautiful and durable part of your home. But the effects of precipitation and the swelling and shrinking that comes with continuous temperature change will take their toll on even the best-constructed chimneys, resulting in deteriorating mortar and brick, chipping and flaking concrete and other issues. When those issues arise, you’ll need the help of qualified, experienced technicians to bring your chimney back to looking — and functioning — like new.

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